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“After years of trial and error, finally a gamechanger has come along.”
-NW Hookers Guide Service

Changing colors routinely can bring you more success. You can easily change multiple times per run. That new color just might entice a bite.

It’s not always about changing colors. Changing scent can also be effective. The quick changing system makes it easy.

Long Lasting

Mercurial Beads are a hard bead and will reliably last for many uses.

Quick Change

Easily change color, size, buoyancy, or scent without cutting your line.

Quick Change

Easily change your bead on a double or triple bead rig. You can't really do this with any other beads.

Scent Retaining

Inject a sticky scent into the spiral groove. The scent will slowly leach out and last for many casts.

Buoyancy Options

As you find a good size and color for the water you are fishing, you are no longer limited to whatever buoyancy your bead happens to be.

Environmentally Friendly

Mercurial beads are not made from petroleum. They are made from non-toxic bioplastic and will one day biodegrade, but not before being used.

Multicolor Packs

Mercurial beads are available in multi-color packs. You can have a full spectrum of colors without needing to buy many packs of same color beads.

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Choose the buoyancy to match your style or preference.




Markings on the bead indicate the buoyancy of the bead.