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Ninja Net

Ninja Net


The Ninja Net comes with a fish friendly knotless mesh netting.

The holster bag is included.

After your Ninja Net ships, you will have 30 days to try it out. Within the 30 day period, if you are not happy with it, you may return it for a full refund. We will even pay for return shipping for customers in USA. Includes a Lifetime Warranty for parts.  5 year warranty for netting and holster bag.

Made in USA.

  • Net:  Strong Nylon knotless mesh.
  • Pole: Telescopic, light weight, aluminum pole.
  • Hoop: Wear-resistant spring (blue-tempered) steel with a higher carbon content for better wear resistance.
  • Parts: 3D Printed  - Strong and impact resistant.
  • Hardware: Stainless Steel
  • Holster Bag: Heavy Duty 1000D Nylon fabric with extra stitching in on all the seams.

The Best Bank Fishing Landing Net!


Weighs about 1.5 lb. Can be comfortably worn all day without weighing you down.


Easily pass through thick brush without the net getting snagged. It stays out of the way until the moment you need it.

One Hand

With one swift motion of either hand, the net will expand and pivot into position ready for use.


The moment you need it, the Ninja Net will pull free from the bag and immediately expand to its fully deployed size.

Big Enough

The Ninja Net has a round hoop diameter of 24 inches.

Strong Enough

Heavy-duty knotless mesh netting will not rip.

Small Collapsed

The 24 inch diameter hoop will collapse down to 9 inches in diameter.

Telescoping Pole

The pole can easily extend which can be useful when landing a fish from a boat or standing up on rocks.

Wingman Optional

You no longer need a wingman to net your fish. The Ninja Net makes netting a fish easy to do alone.

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Is The Ninja Net Right For You?

Bank Fishing / Large Fish (Salmon, Steelhead)

Yes. This is what the Ninja Net was designed for. It is compact and lightweight enough to easily take with you to any water you hike to. If you are on foot and looking for big fish, there is no better net than the Ninja Net.

Fly Fishing / Medium-Small Fish

Maybe. Although technically capable, you may find the Ninja Net to be too large for your preference. There is another similar product that has been around in the fly fishing community for a long time called the Handy Pac. It might be the better choice for you.

Traveling To Fish

Yes. The Ninja Net will easily fit into a carry on sized luggage. If you are traveling somewhere to fish and do not have someone at your destination waiting with a net for you, then the Ninja Net would be a good option to take with.

Personal Pontoons / Kayaks

Maybe. If you already have a good landing net situation figured out and it works well, then the Ninja Net may not interest you. However, if you are struggling with a good landing net situation, give the Ninja Net a try. The versatility of the holster bag with many possible way to mount it could be just what you need.

Small Boat

Maybe. If you have a small three seater boat or something similar and struggle with your net getting in the way, the Ninja Net could help you. You can keep the net collapsed and off to the side until the moment you need it.

Big Boat / Big Water

No. You will not like the Ninja Net more than whatever you already have. If you are fishing the Ocean or large bodies of water from a large boat, it is easy to have a full size solid landing net with you. The Ninja Net was not made for this. The only thing you might consider using the Ninja Net for is a backup. With the small compact size when folded, the Ninja Net will easily stow away and be there for you if your primary landing net gets ripped or lost.

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