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Mercurial Bead - Crush

Mercurial Bead - Crush

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A deep rich orange color like orange crush and they will crush it.

The Crush color has been updated as of 5/8/2023. The source material was discontinued, but this new material is even better! The new material still has that same rich orange color like the original Crush, but it is more translucent.

UV Reflective

Mercurial Bead packages include:

  • 8mm - 22 beads, 12 stoppers
  • 10mm - 16 beads, 12 stoppers
  • 12mm - 14 beads, 12 stoppers
  • 14mm - 12 beads, 12 stoppers

*Note: Translucent colors are the most translucent as floating beads.

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