Kit Pricing

Kit Pricing

Many of you have asked about guide kits for the Mercurial Beads and Okie Drifters.  We have been working on how to best offer kits.  With so many color and size options already, the Mercurial Bead buoyancy options expand the possibilities into another dimension.  How do you possibly offer kit choices suitable for everybody?  Even with the best assembled kit, it will likely not be exactly the options you want.

As the customer, you ultimately want a good deal when buying a range of options.  This is why we will start offering kit pricing.  It's basically volume pricing.  There are price breaks depending on the number of packs you buy.  You can mix and match between Okies and beads.  Build your own kit by buying the packs of what you want and still get the cost savings of a kit.  Here is how the pricing breaks down.

  • Small Kit Pricing (10 to 19 packs) 29% off
  • Large Kit Pricing (20 or more packs) 36% off

No special code needed.  The price will automatically adjust in the cart.

Kit box not included.  All packs will come in standard packaging.


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